Best Lesbian Dating Apps

Lesbian dating has become more popular than before. People are now more open to identifying their sexual orientation without any fear. The high number of lesbians has also increased the demand for lesbains apps. Have you ever wondered why some women prefer dating women rather than men? Here are some of the reasons why a woman might decide to be a lesbian.

Lesbians Are Female Best Friends And Partners At The Same Time

Most of the women who have boyfriends go looking for other female friends. It is rare for your boyfriend to be your best female friend simultaneously. There are things that girls would only share or do with their female best friends, like gossip. Therefore you will need to look for a female friend to share those things.

The advantage that lesbians have is they can make their girlfriends their female best friends. They have the whole package under one roof. Lesbians can gossip and then later have sex. If you have not noticed, many women nowadays prefer dating women rather than men.

Lesbians Can Effortlessly Be Themselves

Women know other women’s nature. Therefore a lady cannot hide her true colors from another woman. However, they can hide their true nature from their men. Therefore lesbians do not have to act to be someone that they are not. They will be themselves around their girlfriends without caring what they will think.

The good thing about lesbians is that they do not judge each other. They take each other as they are. They will do crazy things together that they would not have done with a man. Lesbians have the best time together since they understand each other.

Lesbians Share Most Of Their Things

There are women things that women would like to do with partners, but men cannot do them. Lesbians have an added advantage since they can do anything together. Lesbians will enjoy going shopping together since it is commonly a woman thing.

Some lesbians also apply makeup to each other. Moreover, they can even share their lingeries. Most of them do not keep secrets from each other. They will be open with each other and share almost everything that they have.

Lesbians Do Not Have To Worry About Getting Pregnant

Boyfriends and girlfriends have to be cautious during sex due to the risk of pregnancy. Therefore they use condoms during sex which is less sweet than going raw. Lesbians have the best sex experience because there are no limitations to what they can do.

They get the sweetest sexual experience since they always have raw sex. Lesbians do not have to wear a condom since they cannot get pregnant when they have sex. Moreover, they can have sex as many times as they want hence making them have the best sex life of their lives.

lesbian couple in love

Tips To Be Successful In Lesbian Dating Apps

The rise of lesbian dating has made many dating apps for lesbians to come. If you want to succeed in lesbian dating, here are some of the tips you can use.

 Select The App You Want To Use Wisely

It would be best if you took enough time to select the app you want to use. You first need to know what you want since different dating apps cater to different needs. If you wish to have sexual pleasure, ensure you choose the best lesbian sex dating apps.

On the other hand, if you want to have long-lasting relationships, choose a lesbian meeting app for serious relationships. Moreover, you should also select a legit lesbian app that will provide you with a safe environment for dating.

Be Honest

Honesty is one of the critical factors to determine your success in lesbian online dating. You should ensure that you are honest at all times and be yourself. When creating your profile, ensure you provide truthful information about yourself.

Most people fall for people who have many things in common. Therefore when you give accurate information, you will most likely find a partner who fits you. Moreover, most people like associating with honest people; hence you will be increasing your chances of success.

Be Straightforward

One of the things you should avoid in online dating apps is beating around the bush. It would be best to always go straight to the point. When creating your profile, you should state only the essential things and avoid long paragraphs.

What Is the Best Lesbian Dating App?

The following are some of the best lesbian dating apps you can use.


Lex is one of great best dating app for lesbians. It has all the features that you will require to have an unforgettable experience. It is suitable for queers, trans genders, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people. It has been providing lesbian services for a while now, and it has gained popularity.

The app provides a safe environment for its users, ensuring they have a superb experience. They do not entertain any form of creepy behavior from any member. Lex focuses more on the terminology that people use on themselves and their relationships. You can be sure that you will not regret using it.

Hashtag Open

Hashtag open is a dating app for lesbians that involves everyone regardless of their relationship status or gender. If you want to have more than one partner, Hashtag open app is the place to be. It provides users with a suitable environment where lesbians can express themselves and get hookups.

The good thing about the platform is it has a high number of lesbians that you can choose from. Moreover, these lesbians are open-minded and want the same thing as you do. The app strives to provide an ethical environment; hence it requests users to be respectful during interactions.


Are you looking for black lesbians? If you are, then trust this is the best place to be. It is among the top lesbian dating apps that guarantee high-quality services. It allows users of all sexual orientations to join the platform. Therefore it is an excellent place to meet with queers, lesbians, trans genders, and nonbinary people.

It has put in place robust security protocols to ensure the safety of all users. It provides secure messaging by ensuring every user has a real profile. Moreover, it guarantees confidentiality by keeping your confidential data private. The app is a Black developer-led. It has dedicated itself to fight racism and provide a black lesbian community.


Qutie has been doing a great job in providing lesbians with outstanding services. It is one of the best lesbian apps if you want to build a meaningful connection. Qutie dating app is more suitable for those lesbians who wish to have a long-lasting relationship.

It has gathered lesbians from all over the world who want to have strings attached relationships. Therefore you will not have a shortage of them. Moreover, you can choose the lesbian of your choice based on your preferences.

When chatting on the Qutie dating app, you can be sure to talk to real people. The platform provides users with an in-app video messages feature. The feature allows you to see who you are talking to hence reassuring you that you are talking to real people.


Another exciting lesbian app that will amaze you is Feeld. The app is a great lesbian meeting app that will guarantee your safety. Initially, the site started as an app to cater to those who want to have threesomes. However, it grew to cater to all kinds of relationships despite the gender of the user.

Moreover, you can have as many partners as you want on the platform as no one will judge you. You can also satisfy your sexual fetishes on Feeld. It allows couples to link their accounts and singles to create theirs.


If you are looking for the best free lesbian dating apps, try Lesly. It has five stars reviews, and it boasts of having thousands of lesbians looking for fun. Lesly lesbian apps will cater to your sexual pleasure. It works the same as Tinder, where you swipe right or left.

You will have an easy time navigating through the app since it has a simple, user-friendly design. Moreover, it also does regular profile verifications to ensure those you talk to on the site are genuine people. It also has a responsive support team willing and happy to help you with anything you want.


If you are a lesbian fan, then you should know about Fem. It is among the best apps to meet lesbians. The good thing about Fem is it has an app that you can download on your android device for free. It makes you use the site at any place at any time.

The app encourages its users to create video profiles helping people show off their personalities. In addition, it also allows users to get a sense of who other users are before meeting them. It has super searching algorithms that ensure you find your perfect match without any hustles. Once you find your ideal partner, you can send photos to each other.


Before, Bumble was dating women searching for men and men searching for women. Women were the ones who texted first, and the men had 24 hours to reply to the text. However, now, Bumble also caters to lesbian users, and the same method applies.

When you get your match, you can text your lesbian, and she will have 24 hours to reply to it. The app provides users with exciting features such as BumbleBFF and BumbleBizz. The BumbleBFF allows members to find lesbians friends. On the other hand, the BumbleBizz helps users to make professional connections with lesbians.

Lesbian Dating Apps


If you are looking for a lesbian sex dating app, then you are in the right place. The lesbian Tinder app is the best place to turn your sexual fantasies with your lesbian into a reality. The app provides users with varieties of terms to describe their gender identity.

On other platforms, users have one term to describe their sexual orientation. You would say you are seeking a woman, a man, or both. However, on Tinder, you can use three terms instead. Moreover, these terms can get displayed on your profile and used to search for your potential matches. You can be sure to have the sexual pleasure you have been searching for on Tinder.


Zoe is among the good lesbian dating apps with numerous lesbian users that you can use. If you are a picky person, you can be sure to find the lesbian who fits all your requirements. It helps to find women who are around your area. Unlike other apps, Zoe has numerous lesbian profiles. It boasts of having millions of users globally. Therefore you will not get bored seeing old profiles.

The app requests users to create high-quality profiles with clear photos. You cannot find a picture with sunglasses, nature views, or kitten photos. Zoe ensures you upload your actual clear image on your profile. By doing so, it ensures there are fewer fake profiles on the app.


Lesbian dating can be a wonderful experience if you have the right online dating apps. The above tips will help you to be successful in this type of dating. Moreover, you can use the above lesbian dating apps to find your partner.


What is the Best Lesbian Dating App?

The best lesbian dating app for you depends on your preferences. It depends on what you want, whether it is a casual hookup or a long-term relationship. However, you can be sure that the above dating apps will provide you with the best dating services at affordable prices.

 Are Lesbian Dating Apps Legit?

Whether these apps are legit or not depends on the dating apps that you choose. It is safe to select one of the above dating apps since they are all legitimate. They even have licenses to show that they operate legally.

Are Lesbian Dating Apps Worth Your Time?

During this covid-19, the best way you can date someone is through online dating. Therefore if you want to find other lesbians, the lesbian dating apps are worth your time and money.